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October 03 2017

Let Me Talk About Werewolves for a Second






Why is it that every werewolf book is this weird testosterone fueled alpha male/female romance thing? 

Like guys. Werewolves are family groups. They are basically big ol’ dog families. Your werewolf family wouldn’t be made up of alpha males fighting each other for dominance and subjugating females. 

If there was a werewolf in your neighborhood, they’d be that family of 10 kids always roughhousing outside and their house is the one all the neighborhood kids go to hang out at because Mr. Werewolf and Mrs. Werewolf are the Cool Parents that their kids find really embarrassing. 

“Wait…Emily?  Aren’t she and her whole family…you know?”

“Don’t believe everything you’ve heard; worst thing that’s ever happened over there is the twins teething on visitors’ shoes.”

Here’s the thing, though.

While the notion of the “alpha wolf” is indeed misguided, being based on observations of wolves in captivity, the dominance thing does happen. And it’s not just the adult males; adult females do it too - but it’s only a thing when wolves who aren’t related by blood end up sharing a habitat.

So consider: by some happenstance, two unrelated werewolf families end up living across the street from one another. Of course they’re not going to start brawling in the streets - they’re civilised people, after all - but that urge to show the other pack who’s boss comes out in other ways, resulting in the two clans getting, like, weirdly competitive about everything.

Imagine the Hallowe’en displays.

PTA meetings would get vicious.

Keeping Up With the Jones: Werewolf Edition.

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walking the woods #284 *12 august 2017

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The serenity of a Black witch in autumn…🍁🍃🍂🌙🌰🌻🔮✨

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take a fucking microchip babes


The Youths are Ruining the Unpaid Internships Industry

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Yellow Carnation: disdain or contempt
Geranium: stupidity
Petunia: strong disagreement

How’s your 2017 going?

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The Canadian version.

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October 02 2017

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Purple Fever (Netherlands) by Marcel Kerkhof 

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It’s so fucked up that women are so universally dismissed and hated in society that nearly every single woman goes through a phase (if not a lifetime) of thinking she isn’t like other women purely because she has rational thoughts, hobbies, feelings, and needs.

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Niels Oberson | @noberson

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